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Prints are created from original LouiseM paintings. Reproduction are made in very small series keeping LouiseM concept of sur mesure and unique.

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The LouiseM Paintings collection

A painting is the final touch that embellishes an interior. From the gallery wall to the large-scale room, from abstract motifs to those inspired by pop art, the wall works enhance your interior and bring it a touch of modernity and refinement.
Our prints are unique and original. Created from paintings and drawings made by the painter LouiseM, they are published in limited series (<20 copies).

The LouiseM collection of prints revolves around the Fauna&Flore and Urba themes, featuring Maori-style animals, as well as jungle and city landscapes.

“Singapore with Love” is an iconic representation of the beautiful city of Singapore. It is part of a series of creations made from memories and travel photos. The elements are interpreted in a graphic style around the representative elements that are the Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion. The visuals were all created in black and white in order to retain an industrial side inherent in the big city. The painting is available in two sizes and in two printing supports, as well as in decorative adhesive.

“Paris with love” immerses us in the swirling universe of greater Paris. The elements are interpreted in a pop art style and positioned in a spiral around the Moulin Rouge, bringing a natural force to the artwork. This print is available in bright tones for a resolutely modern look or in vintage tones for a more retro atmosphere. Also available in two sizes and in two printing supports, as well as in decorative adhesive.
“Tiger King of the Jungle” comes straight from the Chinese calendar. The year 2022 is the year of the Tiger. That was all it took to inspire LouiseM, who interweaves in this painting the scenery of equatorial forests as she likes to represent them, around King of the Jungle.This very contemporary piece is available in pink or blue hues, and available in two sizes. Both colors and size are customizable on demand.
All our paintings are available in two different sizes (and customizable to your dimensions upon request). The larger size will be perfect on the wall of a living room, above a sofa or behind a dining room table. It will bring depth to the room. The medium size will be more suitable for a secondary wall in the living room, an office or a bedroom, to make it more cozy.

Choice of materials

In terms of materials, we have been working for years with the following print media: aluminum composite, art paper and adhesive paper. All three meet our high quality standards.
Aluminum composite, also called dibond, is a material that is often found in design and decoration. It is used by photographers for art prints and to exhibit their photos, as well as in signage and sign making. The high flatness of its surface makes it an excellent printing medium. It preserves the colors, which allows our paintings to retain all their brilliance. Its rendering, soft to the touch, offers a modern and refined finish.
Art paper is very different from conventional paper. It is made from 100% cotton, is acid free and provides high quality professional printing. This ink/paper combination is certified to last 25 years without fading. It comes unframed, in a roll, with a 1cm outline (in addition to the image size). Framing is possible on a case-by-case basis, upon request.
Finally, self-adhesive print is a very interesting alternative. With the adhesive, art enters your home for a very affordable price. It allows you to sublimate your interior in the blink of an eye: the rendering of a modern painting, repositionable, and not requiring drilling holes. This is a great gift idea.

Installation, maintenance and delivery

Aluminium composite panels are attached using hanging tabs or fastening rails (included for shipments to Singapore only). The latter will give them relief.
Easy to use, this material is very easy to clean with a sponge or cloth with products such as window washers. Do not use abrasive products such as iron straw or highly alkaline products (acetone...)
The adhesive paper is very easy to install directly on the wall. We recommend a perfectly flat wall. It will also find its place in a niche or on a library door, and in any room of the house with a modern look.
The paintings are packaged by professionals with specific and tailor-made packaging. The corners are reinforced to ensure safe transport. The delivery time is on average 2 weeks for all materials.
Colorful pop art style painting for a very modern look, black and white graphic style painting for an equally modern but more sober look, small painting or large painting, printing on composite or art paper: choose the painting that suits you!